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Its baby season at the Vervet Monkey Foundation!

Baby season starts anytime from October / November and represents babies1a great opportunity for those that really want to gain experience nurturing little orphans, consoling them after their loss , teaching them to drink from a milk bottle and slowly getting  them use to the outside world and for those that can volunteer for longer introducing them to foster mums to live their lives like normal monkeys again. This does require a lot of dedication and patience but is truly one of the most rewarding experience you could ever imagine!

December, January and February is a great time to help introduce babies back to mums and for those interested in behaviour or just wanting the unreal feeling of seeing little ones being accepted by a troop and living with monkeys again this is the best time to really get involved.

Your help can make all the difference – to find out more about visiting this amazing program, visit our Vervet Monkey Foundation Program page now!