logoVolunteer World International go to great lengths using our decades of combined volunteering experience, comprehensive contact network and unparalleled local knowledge to source, develop and offer to our volunteers only the greatest programs available within South Africa ensuring that all volunteers choosing VWI have the most amazing experiences imaginable!

[toggle_box] [toggle_item title=”Read More”] VWI are committed to continuously providing volunteers with only the greatest, market leading experiences available.  Also, with our strongly held belief that all volunteer program should be sustainable with the work being carried out undertaken for the sole purpose of promoting and providing lasting benefit to the field in which the project operates, not only then do our volunteers enjoy the best of the best experiences available, in addition, no matter which project you visit, you can be assured that your visit will also make a hugely beneficial impact to the people, animals or land you will come into contact with throughout your stay.

In addition to all this, as we are based in South Africa, this enables us to constantly inspect our projects both personally and through respected authorities without taking a huge percentage out of the volunteer contribution to achieve this.  VWI constantly strive to ensure that the quality of experience offered and ethical standing of our programs remains of the highest order meaning our volunteers can rest assured that their experience in South Africa with VWI will not only always be rewarding beyond your wildest dreams, as we are specifically structured to maximise benefit to all with whom we work, you can be assured also you will not receive more comprehensive support and local knowledge OR a better price anywhere than with us!

From conservation to community development and everything inbetween, whichever project you choose with Volunteer World International, you can be assured of a visit and experiences to give you memories that will last forever! [/toggle_item] [/toggle_box]