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Dreaming of becoming a qualified Game Ranger or Field Guide? Wanting to develop an in depth understanding about the natural world in which you live or simply looking for a great way to make a major statement on your CV?  Youre in the right place – find out more about the organisations with which we work and the premier opportunities available to achieve your dreams below.

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    South Africa is home to some of the most varied landscapes, ecosystems and wildlife anywhere in the world and is indeed ranked as one of the worlds 17 ‘Megadiverse’ countries.  With this astounding diversity and in todays society the associated pressure on preserving our environments, South Africa represents probably the most ideal location anywhere in the world to learn and train to become a fully qualified game ranger, to potentially enter into a career and act as a spokesperson for our natural world or simply to gain an in depth understanding of the ecosystems in which we live.

    Volunteer World International have gone to great lengths to select the premier organisations within South Africa to offer our potential students only the very best and most comprehensive learning opportunities available to become qualified and able Field Guides and Game Rangers.  We ensure, through local knowledge, that our Field Guide/Game Ranger programs are all held with highly respected institutions fully endorsed by the appropriate governing body, FGASA, the Field Guiders Association South Africa, who offer the highest possible quality through their teaching and passion towards the subject content which hugely enhances any students visit.

    The FGASA Qualification and course covers multiple disciplines and learning opportunities with in depth practical and theory experiences of all – a basic overview of the elements involved is shown below:

    • Introduction to guiding in the natural environment
    • Creating a guided nature experience
    • Geology
    • Astronomy
    • Weather and Climate
    • Basic Ecology
    • Basic Taxonomy
    • Introduction to the Biomes of Southern Africa
    • Botany and Grasses
    • Arthropods
    • Amphibians
    • Reptiles
    • Fish
    • Birds
    • Mammals
    • Conservation management and historical human habitation



    Volunteer World International are committed to only offering best of breed opportunities to volunteers and students within and visiting South Africa, our Field Guide/Game Ranger Courses accredited by FGASA are no exception and we are sure there are no higher quality learning experiences available anywhere within South Africa.  Representing an internationally recognised qualification both on and off the African continent, the FGASA qualification is also the most sought after qualification within South Africa by the Guiding Industry for anyone wishing to enter the Game Ranger/Field Guiding profession and a great addition to any CV.

Shamwari Game Ranger Course

The Volunteer World International FGASA Course at Shamwari Game Reserve represents one of the best locations available anywhere for students to...