Is your idea of the perfect vacation to go face to face with a Great White Shark, to silently drift alongside a huge Southern Right Whale so its so close you can reach out and touch it or to see Penguins and Seals interacting in their natural habitats amongst the breakers? Our selection of Marine Conservation Projects will fit the bill for you perfectly if this is the case!

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South Africas coastal regions are home to an amazing array of bio diversity and border some 2500km along our Western, Southern and Eastern limits by the waters of both the Indian and Southern Atlantic Oceans. The huge amount of bio diversity present in our waters is largely due to the 2 ocean currents flowing along our shoreline, namely the cold Benguela Current flowing from the Antarctic along South Africas Eastern Coastline and the warm Agulhas Current forming the Western Boundary of the Indian Ocean and moving along our Western and Southern shores which provide some of the best Marine Conservation Volunteering opportunities anywhere in the world!

Owing to various factors, South Africa is also largely regarded as one of the best places in the world to view several amazing marine species – Great White Sharks and Southern Right Whales are 2 prime examples of this where once in a lifetime close up viewing of these species is always a likelihood! The list though does not stop here – regularly sited at our Marine Conservation Volunteer Programs are Humpback Whales, Brydes Whales, Orca (or Killer) Whales, Jackass (or African) Penguins, Seals, Turtles amongst many, many more! With this huge variety, every day has the potential to provide a new experience leading to hugely engrossing and exciting volunteer opportunities!

So, the experiences are there to be enjoyed, but what of our projects? As per Volunteer World Internationals motto, ‘vita per eruditio’ or ‘life through learning’, all of our projects are developed to contain an important educational element – a hugely important factor in developing understanding and ongoing conservation principals to help protect the diversity of species within our seas for future generation. Our marine projects then not only give you the opportunity of getting up close and personal to a variety of stunning marine species, they will also teach you about their plight and give you the rewarding opportunity of developing research and, through hands on conservation practices, help ensure that many of these under threat species are still thriving in our oceans for years to come![/toggle_item][/toggle_box]