Conservation of South Africas wildlife and fragile bio diversity is becoming an increasingly important factor in the preservation of the countries natural heritage and with mans every increasing effect on the environment, rehabilitation of flora and fauna is unfortunately of growing necessity.

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Our rehabilitation programs as such, genuinely represents fantastic opportunities for volunteers to make a real difference to preserve the future of our natural heritage.

Many of mans day to day activities and their subsequent effects necessitate the rehabilitation of wildlife, be it through our urban sprawl increasing car usage and placing pressure on animals habitat in diminishing ‘wild areas’ to disasters at sea like oil spills – mankinds increasing industrialisation and growth places huge pressure on natural ecosystems.  Unfortunately, many of the side effects of our growth are as yet unquantified, all we see are the end results and subsequent casualties.

For the most part, wildlife rehabilitation centres within South Africa are charitable organisations receiving no government funding whatsoever meaning that in order to continue their valuable work, they have to sustain themselves and it is here that volunteer programs and volunteers themselves can and do provide huge ongoing benefit.  Not only do these programs provide the amazing opportunity to volunteers to make a real and lasting difference, the funding received also substantially assists such organisations to further the work they undertake – a real win-win scenario that provides benefit to all involved and what VWI believe volunteering should be all about!

Volunteering within a wildlife rehabilitation centre undoubtedly offers the potential for some of the most rewarding, heart warming and at times wrenching experiences imaginable. Undoubtedly though, for anyone with a passion for wildlife, there is no greater spectacle than seeing an injured animal recuperate and return successfully back to the wild be it a primate, cat or any other species that regularly move through the rehabilitation centres with which we work.  To find out more about the amazing experiences and opportunities available with VWI, please see our project profiles below – we very much look forward to seeing you soon!