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Universities          Students         Families

Universities          Students         Families


Volunteer World International (VWI) and our sister company, Fruitful Futures ( are proud to work collaboratively with Universities from across the world to provide visiting student groups with specifically structured learning experiences as part of programs custom developed with each individual institution to provide uniquely defined benefits and exposures.

From offering trainee teachers the rewarding opportunity to support upliftment in local community schools whilst gaining valuable work experience and a fantastic addition to their CV, all the way through to real world project experience with our partners in agriculture, engineering, marketing or land management to name but a few –student groups and parent Universities alike gain greatly from the bespoke work placements we are able to offer, essentially providing an open air classroom with limitless potential.

With the provision of full local coordination and onsite support, why not contact us to see exactly how we can bring benefit to student groups as part of their chosen degree paths?
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Are you a student studying towards a degree looking to combine a world class vacation with the opportunity to gain valuable real-world work experience specifically developed to complement your chosen learning path? If so, you’re in the right place!

VWI and our sister company, Fruitful Futures together with the extensive range of multi sector industry partners we work with are ideally placed to create the perfect visit for you that will not only provide memories to last a lifetime but also offer you valuable real world experience specifically structured to complement your chosen degree path.

Through ongoing consultation, we will work with you and your institution to gain a full understanding of your individual requirements and subsequently suggest a range of options to consider. Through onward feedback and discussion with you regarding the options and programs we suggest, the end result is guaranteed to fit even with the most exacting of requirements! Chat to us today and find out exactly how we can assist you!
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Struggling to find the perfect solution to your family or groups vacation in South Africa? Look no further, we’re here to help!

South Africa, as a tourist destination, truly has something to offer for everyone –for the young, the ‘young at heart’ and everyone in between. Combining excellent weather, breathtaking scenery, stunning coastlines, vibrant, varied cultures, an endless list of activities to take part in and some of the world’s greatest wildlife viewing –all of the ingredients are there to provide for the vacation of a lifetime no matter where the groups interests lie. With the extensive breadth of experiences available, the biggest challenge then is simply deciding exactly what to do.

As VWI are 100% based in South Africa and encompass within our team a near encyclopedic knowledge of the country we call home, none are better placed to offer advice on finding and developing your perfect ‘off the beaten track’ holiday –whatever your requirements as a group may be!
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