July 2019 Course Wrap

Wow!  What a first course its been for the students at our brand new Field Guide Academy at Shamwari – great sightings, great people and great results for all at the end!

Our first students have certainly had journeys to remember after joining us as raw recruits back in July.  Their memorable 9 week stays with us have seen each and every one of them take on an encyclopaedic amount of knowledge to leave us as ‘fundis‘ (South African slang for an expert or knowledgeable person, from the isiZulu and isiXhosa word for teacher, umfundisi) of the natural world surrounding us all!

Surrounded daily by the outstanding natural biodiversity of our 650 hectare Esengeni Campus and Shamwari Private Game Reserve, amazing sightings and experiences have not been in short supply.  From regular encounters with lion and cheetah, bull elephants in musth have certainly quickened the pulse of our students on occasion – 2 of our participants were also lucky enough to come across the once in a lifetime sighting of a leopard and brown hyaena in the midst of a standoff over a recent kill!

Not only has the operation of our 9 week program offered students access to a world class setting though.  During their stays with us and aside from achieving additional qualifications in snake handling, first aid and rifle competency (all included as part of the program!), our trainees have also gained the opportunity to learn from both our leading on site training team and Shamwari’ most experienced guides through regular outings with them and guests to the reserve – a hugely valuable learning experience and the opportunity to see some of South Africas top guides in action!

The result of all of the above, the world class location and the awesome experiences this brings, the leading syllabus and additional modules we provide and the opportunity to learn not only our leading on site training team but also some of South Africas leading guides in operation at Shamwari, has been that all students to our July course have excelled and passed with flying colours.  This has also helped us and our program at Shamwari achieve its sole goal – to offer the most comprehensive training program available to produce some of South Africas most qualified apprentice guides.

Course Facts:

100% Pass Rate
Average theory exam mark of 90%
Further opportunities offered to all of our South African Graduates
100% Happy Graduates!

Dream of following in our students footsteps?

To find our more about the program or how to enrol in an upcoming course to follow in our previous students footsteps, see our program page for all of our upcoming dates!

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July 2019 Course Highlight Reel

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