Volunteer World International and our Guide Training Academy at Shamwari Private Game Reserve have had the privilege of hosting Trainee Guide Jordy for the first rendition of our fully FGASA accredited course – what a time its been!

Joining us from his home in Belgium, Jordy has shown a real affinity for life in the bush in his time with us and has certainly proved to be a fast learner.  An adept 4×4 driver and budding photographer, Jordy has become much liked during his time with us for his enthusiasm and helpful nature.

We took the opportunity to catch up with Jordy in-between his studies, game drives, snake handling and all the other amazing experience experiences included at our leading course to find out more about his experiences with us at stunning Shamwari.

Q & A with Game Ranger in training: Jordy

What was your favourite activity of the week?  

Definitely bird watching, incredible experience keeping so quiet on the reserve and taking the chance to appreciate and enjoying the surrounding noises.

What was the weeks biggest challenge for you?

Every day poses a new challenge to overcome. One day picking out a particular new bird species, the next trying to remember the previous bird! Pushing the boundaries in gaining knowledge but hugely rewarding!

Interesting fact learnt this week?

Learning more about birds and their behaviour have been so interesting.  For example, in birds of prey, the female is larger than the male – this was a great surprise to me!

Best sighting of the week?

Spotting a few Aardwolf has been amazing – not very often seen but intriguing animals.

Your favourite Picture of the week?

Cheetah brothers on  a kill (see below!)

Your experience so far with VWI?

Its been great and I have really enjoyed the whole experience, the learning, being in and feeling more and more at home in the bush. To keep track and gain more bush knowledge, I will have to keep breaking boundaries but this is a challenge that’s more than worthwhile!

Quote on the VWI Field Guiding Academy and course so far?

Great – I couldn’t have wished for anything more and I hope to continue gaining knowledge after the course finishes!

Jordy' Photo of the Week: Cheetahs on a kill

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