Volunteer World International and our custom developed Guide Training Academy at Shamwari Private Game Reserve are pleased and proud to welcome Taneille to the program.

Taneille is originally from Cape Town, South Africa and is hoping to forge a career as a guide after gaining her qualification and is already excelling at all of the challenges she faces!

As part of our upcoming and ongoing #girlsinguiding feature to promote females entering into the guiding profession, we checked in with Taneille for a quick Q & A session between her studies to find out more about her experiences so far…

Q & A with Game Ranger in training: Taneille

What was your favourite activity of your first week the week?
The Pop quiz on wildlife. Everything I didn’t know just motivated me to learn even more about the wildlife that surrounds us.

What challenges did you experience?
Jacking the land cruiser as part of our maintenance training which is a really, really heavy vehicle.  Trying to make a fire at the bush classroom that didn’t smoke us out proved to be another challenge earlier this week!

What’s the most interesting fact you learned this week?
Mousebirds and other birds can sometimes indicate predators nearby through their behaviour.

What was your top wildlife of the week?
A Secretary bird swooping up and down in the sky. Also, a giraffe taking a drink, I have never seen them do this in real life before – the mechanics of it were mind-blowing! Warthogs running altogether is also a fun sight – radio controlled pigs!

How has your experience been with VWI so far?
Incredible. Everyone involved is so motivating and kind.

Do you have a favourite quote on the Field Guiding course so far?
I have learnt more valuable information in a week and a half than I have in years at school. I cannot wait to keep learning and growing as part of the program!

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